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There are 2 Either one Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

There are 2 Either one - Essay Example

Therefore, the people would need not to worry about their security and living. To begin with, the expression of freedom of rights was a progressive measure in the country (General Assembly of the United Nations 2). This did not only protect the lives of Americans, but also protected the lives of other people across the globe. For instance, many countries have emulated the universal rights in their constitution. This is to show solidarity in the world. This marked the end of an era where people’s rights would be infringed without a course of action from law enforcers. Previously, there have been judicial and unconstitutional killings and infringement of rights. Unfortunate, the perpetrators did not face justice. This was due to absence of a stringent and stipulated law that governed such activities. Progressively, with the declaration of human rights, such activities have been minimized. Similarly, in the past, citizens used to lose property through unexplained circumstances.

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